Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Stasis (A final prayer)

Fog fills the space behind these drying eyes
as empty cries and silent sighs
fill these lungs.
Familiar songs are sung but these ears are drowned in doubt.
Soul shouts but mouth can only muster
measly mumbles as this numbed skin
soaks in token broken dreams and flimsy promises.
As uncertainty singed sinuses
tatter and freeze this tongue.

Thus I come to you,
Heart in hand, hope silently seeping
between these fingers, giving in
to flawless skin,
majestic, milk chocolate eyes
and the bounty of those cotton candy
pillows that hide that sunrise of a smile.

I pray you appreciate
the boundless peaks and valleys;
the nooks and alleys that I provide
and feel the sigh as our lips tenderly
collide and all in all know it’s
all worth your time. So confide
in me that your heart is mine
and what’s mine is yours.
So I implore your patient,
soothing touches to clutch
me tighter, and ever more.

(c) Dwight Duren, 2009

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