Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Old Poem: Moon in Cancer: A Reprise

Here's an old poem that I originally wrote in HS and revamped for class.

Moon in Cancer: A Reprise

(My tide abides a waning Moon
who wishes to forget me.
While I trek through
these starry seas with a new

I reminisce:
Your incense,
still strong, seething through my heart.
Your jaded eyes
still singed into my mind.
Your sweet, sweet tyranny
still stirs my very soul.
Your name, (Luna)
still dew upon my lips.
Alas, I reprise to a time where bliss
reigned from the skies:
sorbet tears from the Sun.

I press on through the pitter patter of weeping.
Smiling, listening to the wind’s whirling whelps,
Because blue skies weren't always so blue,
Nor I confused.

I could sift through
Crème Brûlée hued
sand which seemed to be siphoned straight from you.
And daydream with a burning desire,
Lit aflame by fireflies,
Of our own Bermuda nights
Framed with apricot skies
Accenting the rising Moon, these celestial seas,
And blue-black, clear waters.
A tropical asylum,
And an isolated we.
Where I'd sow your fields,
And wander in your emerald greens...

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